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Capital Sins
What are they:
-  Vices that are wellsprings from which our sinful thoughts, behaviours and omissions arise
-  Dispositions towards sinning, tendencies in our character predisposing us to sin
Their opposites are 7 Virtues :
Abp Sheen reflected on 7 Capital Sins referring them to 7 Words of Christ on the Cross.
“ Father forgive them for they don’t know what they do “
Anger – an intense emotional state involving a strong hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat
Injury done – satisfaction demanded
Not every anger is sinful ( Jesus in the Temple )
3 Conditions to be kept:
- the cause of anger is just
- kept under control
- quickly subdued
Christ came to make reparation for the sin of anger by:
-  teaching us in Our Father to forgive
-  giving us a precept of love of our enemies
Himself forgave His persecutors because they didn`t know what they did.
2 Lessons -  Reason for forgiveness is ignorance  and There are no limits for forgiveness
The reason for forgiveness is ignorance
Fallen angels were condemned because they had a full knowledge. We do not.
We are very ignorant of ourselves and others. How little we know of others ( motives, good faith, circumstances )?
WE must not hate our enemies of the Church, for most of them know not what they do.
People do not really hate the Church but what they believe about the Church.
We pray to be forgiven by God but such forgiveness will be on the condition that we forgive our trespassers ( Our Father )
If we knew ourselves better we would be more forgiving of others
Harder on yourself – easier on others. It is always the selfish who are unkind to others.
It is not anger that is wrong – but it is being angry at the wrong thing that is wrong
Tell me your enemy – I will tell you what you are
Tell me your hatred – I will tell you about your character
Do you hate sin  -  then you love God
Do you hate your hate, quick temper, wickedness -  then you are a good soul
There is no limits to forgiveness
St Peter had a problem with forgiving – how many times?
Christ said it will be seventy times seven times – no limits, always
Christ told this parable about the unjust servant being forgiven of enormous debt of 10,000 talents ( 60 millions of denarii ) and who refuse to forgive only 100 denarii to his fellow servant.
God forgives us our sins towards Him that are out of proportion to those others commit against us!
Forgive and you will be forgiven!
Remit you anger against others and God will remit His anger against you!
Judgement Day -  we will reap what we saw…………………..
“ This day you shall be with me in Paradise “ )
The second Word from the Cross – for reparation for the sin of envy.
What is Envy?   -   sadness at another`s good and joy at another`s evil.
                           -  assassination of brotherly love like rust, moth, termit
Manifest itself in:    discord, hatred, malicious joy, backbiting, detraction, jealousy, calumny
May take on economic form as  Avarice of the rich and Envy of the poor.
It may be an social envy – snobbery  (9 love of flattery )
Jesus preached against envy  of power, wealth and God`s mercy.
On the Cross the good thief had no envy of Christ, felt only pity for His suffering.
He asked only for God`s mercy.
Because he envied nothing  received everything……………….    Eternal Life
2 Lessons are thought us by 2nd Word from the Cross:
Envy – source of our wrong judgement about others
The only way to overcome envy is to show pity
Envy – source of our wrong judgement about others
The bad thief misjudged Christ and missed his salvation. He wanted to use Christ`s power in a wrong way to be released from the Cross.
Envy produces – backbiting, calumny,false judgement, leading to violence ( revolutions )
Envy – becomes the denial of all justice and love
         - develops a cynicism destroying the moral values
         - produces a deceit
Statement -   The is a physical impossibility for any many to get ahead of us who stays behind to kick us…….
To show Pity is the only way to overcome Envy
 The good thief did it.
Our pity ( love ) should be extended even to the enemies – Jesus taught us about it!
God is the Judge, we are not
Our enemies are children of God, too; worth of the Saviour`s Blood.
Do not envy of God`s mercy – like the older son of merciful father for the parable.
One thief was saved – let no one despair
                  was lost     --                      presume
“Woman, behold your son”   , “Son, behold your mother”
What is lust? – inordinate love of the pleasures of the flesh.
God associated pleasure with the flesh ( like eating and drinking ).
Associated with the marital act. The pleasure of the flesh becomes sinful when we use it as an end not as means.
Lust – selfishness or perverted love. Looks to the pleasure of self, not to the good of the other.
Connection with our faith and love of God.
Living less for God means to live only for self.
There is a problem with this in marriages. When the pleasure ends – a divorce is imminent.
People do not want now live chastitely. They mock and sneer at those who do.
They say it is impossible.
How Christ made a reparation for the sin of lust ?
By being born of a sinless Virgin Mary, without a sexual act.
Final reparation was made on the Cross.
Crown of thorns -  reparation for our impure desires and thoughts
Being stripped of His garments  -  reparations for sins of shame ( immodesty )
Being scourged at the pillar -  reparations for all lusts ( and sins ) of body
In this reparation Our Lord went even further:
He dispossessed Himself of the claim to the love of His Mother and His beloved disciple.
He wounded Himself ( as a pelican ) that we might be nourished by His Mother love!
2 Lessons are to be taught from 3nd Word from the Cross:
The only way to escape from the demands of the flesh is to find something more to the carnal love
Mary is the refuge of Sinners
The only way to escape from the demands of the flesh is to find something more to  the carnal love
In that way these demands of the flesh will be less imperative.
This is a psychology of the enthusiasm for a higher Love of Jesus and Mary.
Cultivate a higher Love, a purpose of living, a goal of existence and then the lover passions will be absorbed by it.
This is applied to the vow of Chastity:  it is not a burden, it is a new passion for the Love of GOD, to love better………………………..
Now in the world men and women have lost the Higher Love, they have nothing to make the sacrifice.
True love  -  choice, negation, sacrifice. When this love doest exist then there is no point to deny any demands of the flesh. For what?
The attitude of the pure is to integrate the flesh with the Divine and the Cross.
MARY -  the Refuge of sinners
Mary – the most pure Virgin knows what sin is, saw it on the Cross. She chose to be with converted sinners ( Mary Magdalene, goo thief ).
Her purity is radiant, not spoiled by sinners ( like a ray of sunshine not sullied by a dirty window pane )
Beautiful picture of a Rose ( Jesus on the Cross ) with the stem ( Mary ) sucking up our prayers
From the wounded hearts to convey them to Christ.  Thorns – to keep away disturbing influences.
“ My God, my God, why have you forsaken me ?
What is pride? -  an inordinate love of one`s own excellence and unlawful pleasure we derive
                                 from thinking we have no superiors.
Pride goes before the fall   - Original sin
Many forms of Pride:
                                       Atheism, intellectual vanity, superficiality, snobbery, vainglory,
                                       Seeking honours and positions beyond our capacity, unwillingness
                                       To hear the critic about our own faults……..
Pride – made Satan to fall from grace. Could be cured by humility.
To make a reparation for this sin of pride Christ humbled Himself , even to a death on the Cross!
Christ atoned for all the forms of pride : of popularity, wealth, flesh, power, snobbery.
Because the proud men forget GOD – Jesus permitted Himself to feel that God the Father had abandoned Him by saying – My God..why have you forsaken me “
2 Lessons to be taught from 4th Word for the Cross;
Glory not in yourself for God resists the proud
Glory in humility, for humility is truth and the path to true greatness
Glory not in yourself for God resists the proud
Why should we be proud? – everything is the gift from God  ( beauty, wealth, talents.. )
God resists the proud – see Jesus versus Pharisees
If a soul is filled with ego then there is no place for GOD. We must “ empty “ ourselves and to create a vacuum in our souls in order to make a space for GRACE, TRUTH and LOVE of GOD!!!
The good is accomplish by the spiritual “ pressure “ of God`s Grace (not by action of ourselves ).
 A paradox -   the less we think we are, the more good we do!
The greater is the virtue – the more humility…….
If you believe in GOD who is wiser, greater and more powerful than we are, then the world is full of wonders – TRUTH, LOVE, GOODNESS, BEAUTY
If you make yourself “ god “  then there will be no wonders and we will see
The saints – stupid fools, The martyrs- fanatics, The religious – dumb, The confession – a priestly invention, The Eucharist – a vestige of paganism, The Heaven – a childish fancy….
Glory in humility, humility is truth and the path to true greatness
Humility is Truth
It is not an underestimation of our gifts, talents nor is it their exaggeration. This is a recognition of them!
Humility – dependence on GOD ( Pride – an independence of Him )
The humble soul – always the thankful one, avoids to praise their own works
CHRIST – was victorious on the Cross  - re David and Goliath.
He came with the staff of the Cross and 5 stones ( wounds ) and….won!!!
He chose the weak things of the world to confound the strong…and the devil.
“ I thirst “
This Word was in reparation for the sin of gluttony.
What is gluttony? – inordinate indulgence in food and drink, may manifest itself either in:
                                             Taking more than necessary
                                             Taking at the wrong time
                                              Taking it too luxuriously
It is sinful – because reason demands that food and drink be taken for the necessities of nature, not for pleasure alone.
When peoples begin to forget about their souls – they begin to take great care of their bodies
Examples – spending on beauty, cosmetic surgeries, gyms, food and drinks
Some reparation had to be done for this sin of gluttony and luxury.
It began at the birth of Jesus. And He taught about a detachment from material things.
“ Blessed are the poor…do not worry about your life “. And Christ was poor Himself.
On the Cross He was stripped of everything!
“ I thirst “  - it was meant for LOVE
There is a double hunger – of the body and of the soul
When we fast it is for the sake of our soul ( not for the body – diet )
To make the body be pliable in the hands of the soul.
Tell me your hunger and I will tell you what you are.
Do you hunger/thirst for money, pleasure, power and honour? – you are selfish, proud and pampered mam/woman
Do you hunger for everlasting Life, for Christ ?  -  you are a humble Christian.
This is a great pity that many people are so concerned with the body and neglected the soul
And lose the appetite for the spiritual!
When Jesus said “ I thirst “ he meant I thirst to be thirsted for. His Thirst is Our Salvation.
 Lessons to be taught from 5th Word from the Cross:
We have to mortify bodily hunger and thirst
We have to cultivate a spiritual hunger and thirst
We have to mortify bodily hunger and thirst
The soul must ever exercise mastery over the body!
If we spend less for ourselves – we may assist the poor!
And on the Judgement Day these ones will stand up as our advocates pleading for mercy on our souls!
We have to cultivate a spiritual hunger and thirst
Mortification of the body is only a means, the end is Union with GOD.
Not many think about nourishing their souls.
Christ thirsted on the Cross not because He needed us for His happiness but because we need Him for our happiness.
Without Christ we are underdeveloped spiritually.
Let s cultivate a taste for something more than bread and entertaintment.
On the Cross Jesus asks us – “ Will you accept the cup of my Love “
“ It is finished “
This Word was for the reparation for the sin of Sloth.
What is sloth? -  a malady of the will which causes us to neglect our duties.
May be physical  -  laziness, idleness, indifference
Or spiritual  -  lukewarmness, failure to cultivate virtues
The life and teaching of Christ gives no support to sloth.
Jesus worked, preached the Gospel of work, spent time giving and serving.
For us the most important work is to save our soul. It is not easy! Narrow road, narrow gate, to be different……
Christ fulfilled His work, ministry and Will of His Father and He could say – “ It is finished “
The temptation is -  I need only a faith , not good works to be saved.
We must live and die like Christ. And to take our cross every day. Jesus said so.
On the Judgement Day He will ask me:
Show me your hand and feet, Where are your scars of victory?, Have you fought no battles for Truth? Have you won no wars for goodness?
 Lessons to be taught form 6th Word from the Cross:
We must beware of spiritual sloth for its penalties are tremendous
We must work for the complete life
We must beware of spiritual sloth for its penalties are tremendous
The Gospel records 3 instances of sloth – parables about virgins, barren fir tree, buried talent .
We may lose our souls by undone good. Neglect your soul and ruin follows.
We have to climb to Heaven – the city on the hill.
Heaven is for them who work for it. If you are indifferent to God in all life do not expect that it will change at he death!!!
Picture of sun and wax and mud – softening and hardening of heart
The reward will be given to the doers of the THUTH – not preachers, hearers..
Stake away because you do not know the time of Coming..
We must work for the complete life
The world judges us by results but Christ judges us by the way we fulfill and finish our appointed tasks,
A good life  -  not necessarily a successful one.
GOD do not ask us what part we played but how well. The intention is important.
It is no the work but the worker that counts – what we did with our wills..
At the moment of our death the world will ask -  How much did he leave?
The angels will ask  -  How much does he bring with him?
Do each tiny little act in union with Our Lord and you will finish your life…….
“ Father into your hands I commend my spirit “
What is avarice? - inordinate love of the things of this world, not guided by reasonable end.
Avarice includes both the intention in acquiring goods and the manner of acquiring them.
A man may have a lot and not be a covetous one. Material things are lawful and good for us.
Avarice is expressed as  - avarice of the rich and envy of the poor.
Avarice – hardens the heart of the men. The sinful rich man is always poor in his eyes.
St Paul  -  “ The love of money is the root of all evil..”
Christ tried to turn man`s heart from material things to the eternal values:
“ Do not store up treasures for yourselves on earth…seek first the Kingdom of God ..”
Christ has given everything on the Cross in reparation for the sin of avarice, even His Spirit gave to the Father..
2 Lessons to be taught for 7th Word from the Cross:
The more ties we have to earth the harder will be for us to die
We were never meant to be perfectly satisfied here below
The more ties we have to earth the harder will be for us to die
At the moment of death a man who loves wealth become the most destitute beggar because e has nothing to take with him.
Will discover that he belonged to this wealth but not to himself. Wealth is a pitiless master, does not allow to think about anything else but itself. Now thinks what he must leave. Pain!!!
If you lived for God and not attached to wealth – death is a Liberation.
The poor in spirit are more happy than the richest people in the world.
Gold will falls to the ground but Charity like fire will rise to Heaven.
We were never meant to be perfectly satisfied here below
If earth were meant to be a Paradise then Christ would never leave it. The completion of life will be in Heaven.
Nowhere else we can find happiness except in GOD.
It is impossible to perfectly happy here and now. Here the will be disappointment, we can not to satisfy our ideals.
In Heaven we “ capture “ our GOD and will have all eternity to discover and “ chase “ joys of LOVE, TRUTH, LIFE and BEAUTY
The tragedy of our world is that so many put their pleasures in desires rather than in discovery.
They seek substitutes in the petty things. They lost a purpose of human living _ GOD.
They prefer to drive God the the Earth, to silence their consciences, to live in sin, to enjoy the voice of Satan in false peace.
The Cross brings us and me personally a PROGRAM OF LIFE _ SUBMISSION TO THE WILL OF GOD. God loves us so much..