The Catholic Parish of Our Lady
and St John
Lee-on-the -Solent and Stubbington
Parish Priest: Father Francis Sasinowski (01329) 663 435
Reflection by Father Francis on 26th Sunday of the Year A
27th September.
We have a freedom to say Yes or No to God. Sometimes we abuse our freedom and say No to God, to His Will, to His Commandments. And this we call sin.

God, on His part, waits and gives us, sinners, a time and opportunity to repent and change our sinful ways of life. The Lord is full of mercy and compassion to us.

In the time of the prophet Ezekiel ( the First reading) there was a belief that the child was punished for the sins of the parent. Ezekiel did not agree with that. He stated clearly that every individual is responsible for his/her actions.

Eventually, every one of us will stand before God in his/her own goodness or in his/her badness.

My own sins are my own and I and no one else will have to answer before God for them.

If we see a responsibility for our sins – we will see a need for repentance, to do something about them and come back to the loving Father in heaven. He waits for us in the Sacrament of Penance (Confession )

How often I go to the Confession? Maybe I live in the state of sin for a very long time and do nothing about it?  These are important questions for us!

In the Responsorial Psalm we want to say: “Remember Your mercy, Lord”

Do not remember our sins but forgive us and teach us how to live according to Your Truth.

We need to be humble to see God`s way and be guided by Him on it.

To be humble – means acknowledging that we are sinners in need of God`s mercy!

St Paul in the Second reading gives us ( as usual ) a very good advice how to live in our community of believers.

First of all, we have to be united in mutual Love having common purpose and mind.

It should be no competition among us and no conceit. We have to be humble.

St Paul stresses that we have to consider the other person to be better than we, not vice versa.

Our concern should be – others and loving them like Christ loved us. It is very demanding, isn`t it?

Jesus Christ is the best example of humility. He emptied Himself and became even a slave for us, accepting death on the Cross. For this God the Father “raised Him high and gave Him the Name which is above all other names… that all beings.. should bend the knee at the Name of Jesus…as Lord to the glory of God the Father.”

In the Gospel reading Jesus told the chief priests and the elders one of His parables: this time of two sons working in their father`s vineyards.

The first son said No when his father asked him to work in the vineyard, but later changed his mind and began to work.

The second one said to his father Yes and seemed to be eager to work at the beginning but later changed his mind and refused to work.

Then Jesus put this question to the chief priests and the elders –
 Who of the two sons did the father`s  will ? 

 They answered – the first one.

Later Jesus explained what He meant by these sons.

The first son represented sinners ( tax collectors, prostitutes etc) or pagans, Gentiles who used to live a sinful, bad lives but repented and asked the Lord to forgive their sins and so gained entry into the Kingdom.

The second son represented the religious leaders, the scribes and elders or Israel, as a chosen people.

They promised to work for God and worship only Him but later failed to do so and turned back on God.

In this way they excluded themselves ( it was their own fault ) from the Kingdom.

We can learn a lot from both of these sons.

From the first son we learn that:

We have to change our sinful way of life and to say Yes to God, to repent and change our heart and mind. It will require to be humble and accept that we are sinners on the path to holiness.

From the second son we learn that:

We must not allow words to take the place of deeds. A lip service is not enough!

We know that actions speak louder than words!

During our Sunday Mass we profess our faith and say Yes to God in our good intention. This is good but do we live out our faith in our daily lives?  Do please answer this question yourselves.

St John Henry Newman, our great English saint taught us that can be no separation between what we believe and the way we live out our lives.

God completely respects our freedom to the extent that He allows Himself to be rejected by us.

Satan will always try to use this fact by tempting us to become proud and indifferent to God`s Will.

We must, therefore, be vigilant and examine our consciences daily.

Two words that we use very frequently are:   Yes and No

In general Yes and No are morning words.

However, as the day passes, we can be moved to turn a morning No into the evening Yes

But the earlier we do this, the better, because the night is coming when no one can work.

Lord, grant us the night may not come upon us with our work undone and our promises unkept.

BIG THANK YOU to Rebecca Chandler, our Parish Secretary

She came last time to work on last Friday and will be remember with a great love and affection by all of us in our Parish of Stubbington and Lee on the Solent.
We would like to thank her for five years spent among us as the Secretary working very hard and with a great dedication
May God bless her, keep and protect and may she find soon another job fulfilling her aspirations.
We wish her everything best!

She will be replaced as the Parish Secretary by Marjorie Cumsty ( the wife of Deacon John).


May you never allow words to take the place of deeds
May God, who has called us to eternal glory in Christ, strengthen and support you
May the peace of Christ reign in your minds and in your hearts!

Fr Francis